Celebrate the 146th Kentucky Derby From Home

Celebrate the 146th Kentucky Derby From Home

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For the first time since 1945, the Kentucky Derby event is getting postponed.

Typically held on the first Saturday of every May, the coronavirus has different plans for this world-famous, thoroughbred horse race. Its new date is coming soon, however, scheduled for Saturday, September 5th.

The race has a special mission this year, too. It’s partnering with NBC to bring streaming events right to everyone’s home, in an effort to raise money for COVID relief. The day-long event is expected to raise up to $2 million!

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And day-long it is. On September 5th, streaming begins at 9 AM and is expected to host cocktail workshops, virtual tours, recipes, and Jeptha Creed Master Distiller Bottle Signing.

So, how will you celebrate #KyDerbyAtHome? Are you planning a Kentucky Derby viewing party for all your roommates and household quarantine buddies? 

Keep reading for some fun ideas to make this day almost as unique as an in-person race, and don’t forget to have all your party supplies and drinks delivered in time by Cox’s Louisville through our partnership with Drizly.com!.

Kentucky Derby-Themed Food and Drinks

No party, Kentucky Derby or not, is complete without a fantastic spread of food and drinks. Better yet, cater your spread to be in line with what you’d find at the Derby in-person. You won’t even know you’re at home!


When it comes to food, you want to keep your meal themed to the region’s traditional ingredients and flavors. It also helps if you can make recipes that are potluck-style, which allows you to make bigger batches with less hassle. 

Some great foods of the Kentucky Derby include:

  • Pimento cheese spread with crispy pork rinds for dipping
  • Barbecue pulled pork sammies topped with crunchy coleslaw
  • A spicy meat stew (pork, turkey, and beef)—which everyone in Kentucky knows as ‘burgoo’
  • Loaded Kentucky nachos. What makes them ‘Kentucky’ is the Kentucky-grown pigs for pulled pork and a local BBQ sauce
  • Benedictine spread

If you decide to make Kentucky nachos, you can consider making a nacho bar, so that people can put their favorite toppings on—and leave out their least faves. The Benedictine spread is one that everyone will enjoy, as it’s been a classic in the Louisville area for over a century. Use it as a dip with raw veggies or as a spread for sammies.

And last, you can never go wrong with perfectly-fried chicken tenders—a treat for kids and adults alike.

These recipes are all relatively easy and are great for crowds with a variety of tastebud preferences.


What’s one thing that everyone at the Kentucky Derby seems to be sipping on?

A mint julep!

This classic bourbon cocktail will surely get everyone in the mood to party. It’s a staple at the horserace, and it needs to make an appearance at your Kentucky Derby party. Get some Kentucky bourbon (Woodford Reserve is this year’s official sponsor!), fresh mint leaves, and make your own simple syrup for those who enjoy a shot of sweetness.

Of course, you can also have your Woodford Reserve neat, chilled, or on the rocks. 

It’s also nice to have a variety of refreshments for those who don’t love liquor. Consider having some hard seltzers (which are all the rage right now) or even some craft beer (we’ve got an excellent selection).

Kentucky Derby-Themed Outfits—Hats Included!

The Kentucky Derby is the go-to event for donning all your eye-catching, head-turning wear. Whether that’s the biggest hat you own or the most excellent suit, the Derby is the place to show it all off.

Doing a Kentucky Derby party at home is no different. Use this as an excuse to wear all your favorite Derby gear and make a show of it. 

Ladies, consider wearing the following:

  • A wide-brimmed, decorative hat (the more outlandish, the better)
  • Your most floral-printed dress . . .
  • . . . Or a solid-colored dress, letting the hat be the star of the show
  • Summer sandals, espadrilles, or open-toed heels (and keep it semi-comfortable for a day of moving around)
  • All your favorite accessories 

And men, you’re certainly not left out of this! You can also rock your favorite Derby wear.

Consider the following ideas:

  • A Panama hat (bonus points if it’s straw!)
  • Horse-themed gear—like a horse-patterned tie or horseshoe cuff links
  • A gingham button-down
  • A fancy bowtie for those not fans of traditional ties
  • Your best seersucker sportscoat
  • Oxfords or loafers

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t be afraid to let loose. The Derby is all about bright colors, fun prints, and show-stopping outfits. Don’t be scared to take it up a notch—or two, or three.

Kentucky Derby-Themed Games

So you’ve got the food, the drinks, the outfits . . . Now all you need is some games.

Fun, Derby-themed games keep everyone involved, engaged, and having fun throughout the day—whether the horse race is on or is on a commercial break. It can also keep kids entertained in case you have any of those around!

Of course, everyone should place a bet on their go-to horse. Print some racing programs, and you can even make it more ‘official’ by having a ticket/money-exchanging booth. 

Another fun idea is to have everyone come up with their own fun horse names and make nametags out of them. Everyone can call each other by their silly name all day. Make it extra enjoyable by having a penalty for those who don’t use the horse names—like taking a shot.

You can choose other horse-themed games such as setting up horseshoes in the backyard, having a ‘bob for apples’ station for the children, and/or have a caramel apple-making booth. Try one, or try them all! You can never have too many things to do.

Enjoy Your Kentucky Derby Party in the Comforts of Home

Just because you have to enjoy this day from home doesn’t mean it can’t be loads of fun. Using the tips in this guide, you can host a fabulous party. Don your favorite Derby hat, sip on some Woodford Reserve or a classic mint julep, and get excited over your favorite horse race.

Cox’s, Louisville’s neighborhood liquor store, can help make your day that much better. We have all the liquid party supplies your day could ever need. Don’t just take our word for it, either—come see for yourself. 

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