Cox’s September Newsletter!


By an act of Congress in 2007, September was declared the National Bourbon Heritage Month. During the month of September, celebrate all things bourbon!

At Evergreen Liquors and Cox’s St. Matthews, you can taste some of the most limited bottles of bourbon in the world! Stop by today and celebrate Bourbon Heritage Month with a glass of Pappy Van Winkle or other hard to find bourbons.

Bulleit Bourbon BLT
1.25 Oz Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey
4 Oz Tonic Water
1 Lemon Wedge
Glassware: Rocks Glass; Highball Glass; Rocks/Highball Glass
• Build Bulleit Bourbon and tonic water over ice in a highball glass or tumbler
• Add the juice of one lemon wedge
• Stir and serve.

Cox’s Low Price Advantage

Maker’s Mark 46 750mL – $29.97
Woodford Reserve 750mL – $29.97
Basil Hayden Bourbon 750mL – $29.97
Town Branch Bourbon – $30.99
Jim Beam 1.75 – $25.99
Elijah Craig Small Batch – $28.99
All Barefoot 1.5L – $9.99
Porch Swing Wines – $10.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon 30pks – $17.99

Upcoming tastings

September 26th
Crown Royal Apple and Vanilla Tasting – Evergreen Liquors

September 27th
Bacardi 8 and 10yr Tasting – Evergreen Liquors
Against the Grain Tasting – Cox’s St. Matthews and Okolona
Stella Artois Chalice Engraving – Cox’s JTown
Porch Swing Wine Tasting – Cox’s Fern Creek
Crown Royal Apple and Peach Tasting – Cox’s St. Mattews
Smoking Loon and La Vielle Ferme Wine Tasting – Cox’s St. Matthews
Baily’s Tasting – Cox’s PRP

September 28th
Stella Artois Chalice Engraving – Cox’s Middletown and Fern Creek

White Claw announces Nationwide Shortage
Over the past couple months there hasn’t been a more popular drink than White Claw hard seltzer waters and now the popular drink is becoming hard to find. Mark Anthony Brands, makers of White Claw, have announced triple digit growth over the past few months and are now behind on production because of the surge in demand. The have said they are working around the clock to catch up in order to normalize inventory levels.

JUUL CEO Resigns and Company Announces the Suspension of all Advertising
On Tuesday Wednesday, September 25th, JUUL Labs announced that it’s CEO, Kevin Burns, will resign effective immediately. JUUL also announced that it will suspend all advertising and lobbying efforts. These move come as JUUL continues to be under scrutiny from the Federal Government over a rise in youth vaping and illness/death tied to vaping. JUUL says it will fully support and comply with the federal government during it’s investigation.
Woodford Reserve Announces Second Release of it’s Straight Malt Whiskey

Woodford Reserve has announced the second release of it’s popular straight Malt Whiskey. The new release has a grain bill of 51% malt and is 90.4 Proof. Expect to see the second release of the Malt Whiskey later this fall.

Budweiser and Jim Beam announce release of a Black Lager
Budweiser and Jim Beam have announced a second release of its series of collaborative beers with a Black Lager. The first release, Budweiser Copper Lager, was a huge success and will return to shelves. The Black Lager is aged on Jim Beam barrel staves and will be 7.1% alcohol. The new release will hit stores this October.