Cox’s July Newsletter!


July is a great time to try a new Beer! Check out the following tastings at your Neighborhood Cox’s and Evergreen Liquors!

July 19th (all Tastings are 5pm-8pm)
Evergreen Liquors – Against the Grain Brewery
Cox’s St. Matthews – Against the Grain Brewery
Cox’s Goose Creek – Goodwood Brewing
Cox’s JTown (Ruckreigel) – Madtree Brewing
Cox’s PRP – Sweetwater Brewing

July 26th
West Sixth Pint Night and Strawberry Shortcake at Evergreen Liquors! 4pm – 7pm
Cox’s JTown (Ruckriegel) – Against The Grain – 5pm-8pm
Cox’s St. Matthews – Madtree Brewing – 5pm-8pm

July 27th
Evergreen Liquors – Sweetwater Brewing – 3pm-6pm

August 2nd
Cox’s Middletown – Against the Grain – 5pm-8pm
Cox’s JTown (Ruckriegel) – Sweetwater Brewing

August 9th
Cox’s Goose Creek – Against the Grain Brewing – 5pm-8pm


Founders All Day IPA 15pks – $14.99
Bud, Miller, Coors 30pks – $21.99
Pabst Blue Ribbon 30pks – $17.99
All Barefoot 1.5L – $9.99
Captain Morgan Spiced 1.75L – $22.99
Bulleit Bourbon 750mL – $24.99
Basil Hayden Bourbon 750mL – $32.99

What is CBD?!?

CBD has been in the news a lot recently and there is a lot of confusion about what the product is and what it is used for…

CBD Stands for Cannabidiol and is one of 104 chemical compounds fond in the cannabis plant and is also a main compound found in the Hemp Plant (cousin of the cannabis plant). Unlike THC, CBD is not psychoactive and doesn’t cause the “high” sensation that is associated with Marijuana. CBD is an option for people who are looking for relief from pain, anxiety, and other symptoms without the mind altering effects of marijuana or manufactured pharmaceuticals.

There are multiple Health benefits of CBD including:

  • Pain Relief
  • Reduction of anxiety and depression
  • Reduction of symptoms related to cancer and side effects of cancer treatments
  • Reduction of Acne
  • Assistance with Neurological Disorders
  • Benefit Heart Health

Cox’s carries a full line of CBD products in all locations. Stop into your neighborhood Cox’s to check out our selection and let our staff help you find a product that is right for you.

Industry News

Fire at Jim Beam Barrel Warehouses destroys up to 45,000 barrels of Bourbon
On July 2nd a massive fire broke out at two of the Jim Beam Barrel aging warehouses and completely destroyed the structures. The Estimates are that 45,000 barrels of bourbon was lost in the fire. One of the largest environmental side effects of the fire is that the bourbon is now pouring into the Kentucky River. Thousands of fish in the river have been killed and the bourbon is traveling down the Kentucky River and is beginning to enter the Ohio River.

King of Kentucky Returns
The second expression of the King of Kentucky Bourbon from Brown Foreman will be released in early July and be extremely limited. This expression is a 15 year old Kentucky Straight Bourbon and will have an expected retail of $249.99. King of Kentucky was first released in 1881 and was later discontinued in 1968. Brown Foreman decided to bring back the brand in 2018 and it has been a highly allocated and sought after bourbon ever since.

1792 Releases a 12 year Small Batch Bourbon
1792 has announced plans to release a 12 year expression of their Small Batch Bourbon. The proof will be 96.6 and the expected retail is 49.99. The bottle will be available in July and will be released once per year each summer.