Busch Light 30 Pack

30 Pack Busch Light – $23.99 – Busch Light Beer is a light bodied American beer that delivers fewer calories and a classic taste. This lager beer is made with a blend of premium American-grown and imported hops and a combination of exceptional barley malt, fine grains, and crisp water to provide a pleasant, balanced flavor. Busch Light Beer contains 95 calories and a 4.1% ABV per serving. Enjoy Busch Light Beer anytime the occasion calls for refreshing drinks; grab a rack of beer cans to enjoy while watching sports or hanging out with friends. This lager beer pairs perfectly with your next turkey burger or pizza. The canned beer comes in a convenient 30 pack that’s easy to take with you anywhere.

30 Pack Busch Light

Included in our limited-time Fall Specials, grab a 30 pack at at your nearest Cox’s & Evergreen Liquors for a discounted price.